Weird, Crazy and Just Plain Gross Baseball Superstitions

Many of us Torontonians have been huddled in front of the TV these last couple weeks, and as we should, the Jays are killing it!
After 22 years without a playoff appearance, it had many of us questioning how those odds were even possible. To say we were in a drought, may have been an understatement. With that however, it got us thinking about some of the superstitions that surround baseball. With repetitive routines, avoiding cracks to wearing gold thongs, there is no shortage of weird superstitions in baseball.

Here is a list of our favourite ones

  1. Max Scherzer’s superstition is not letting anyone know of his superstitions
  2. Moises Alou is said to pee on both of his hands in order to make them ‘tougher’ and prevent calluses from forming
  3. Matt Garza eats Popeye’s Chicken every time he is scheduled to start
  4. Wade Boggs would write the Hebrew word ‘chai’, meaning ‘life’ in the batter’s box every time he would come to the plate
  5. Ken Griffey Jr, sold his Mercedes-Benz because he believed it didn’t have any hits in it
  6. Turk Wendell would avoid stepping on the foul line when going on or coming off of the field
  7. Turk Wendell again, would chew precisely four pieces of black liquorice during each inning he was pitching
  8. Turk Wendell between innings would then spit out the liquorice, brush his teeth and then grab another four pieces to chew on, Somebodies gotta do it!
  9. Wendell wore the number 99 while he was with the Mets, Philadelphia Phillies, and the colorado Rockies. Just to take it a step further he signed a contract for $9,999,999.99
  10. Last one! Wendell wore a necklace with hunted animals teeth surrounding it ahhh!
  11. Craig Biggio and Vladimir Guerrero rub pine tar on their batting helmets
  12. Jason Giambi wears a gold thong when he thinks he may not perform well Mark McGwire wore the same protective cup that he wore all throughout high school into his major league career
  13. David Ortiz tucks the bat under his arm pit and spits in his hands and claps hmm..
  14. Steve Finley would hold a pouch of minerals with him, supposedly protecting him from bad external energy
  15. Rico Carty once lit five candles in the bathtub, sink as well as toilet of his hotel room, believing it would help him go 5 for 5
  16. Roger Clemens would have to touch the Babe Ruth plaque for good luck before every home game
  17. Justin Morneau eats a Turkey Tom sandwich, no sprouts before every game. With that he orders one half Mountain Dew, one half red or orange drink from the Minnesota Twins slurpee machine
  18. It is said some players sleep with their bat to either keep up their streak or to break out of a slump
  19. Wily Mo Peña’s would bite, smell and kiss his bat
  20. Dick Stuart would bite a piece of this gum off and then throw that little bit across the home plate before each bat


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