Midweek Mixup: Le Burger Week

While the leaves begin to change colour, and the sunny days of summer seem to become memories, many of us still yearn for the taste of a juicy, mouth-watering, flame-grilled burger to satiate our hunger. Well, the good folks at People Movers have created something just for you.
From September 1st – 7th, restaurants across Toronto are participating in Le Burger Week. Each shop will showcase its best burger at a discounted rate, and you, the burger connoisseur will have the opportunity to rate and vote for your favourite using their mobile app. The burger with the most votes will forever be able to declare itself the “Best Burger in the City”… for 2015… BUT… who cares about who wins?? All you need to worry about is getting the chance to taste some amazing burgers for discounted prices.

Participating restaurants include Bareburger, Little Fin, Thoroughbred, The Burger’s Priest, Colette, Thompson Diner, La Societe, East Thirty-Six and more.

Learn more at toronto.leburgerweek.com


– Your Friendly Neighbour

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