Midweek Mixup: Keep your pets cool during the dog days of summer

During heat waves like the one we’re experiencing now, we often take precautions that ensure we, and our loved ones, are protected. We make sure to stay cool, find shade, cooling stations, and consume tons of ice cold treats. Some family members that tend to get looked over are the soft, furry kind. Yes, our pets.
To keep your pets safe, follow some of the steps below courtesy of the Humane Society:

Never leave your pets in a parked car

Not even for a minute. Not even with the car running and air conditioner on. On a warm day, temperatures inside a vehicle can rise rapidly to dangerous levels. On an 30-degree day (celsius), for example, the temperature inside a car with the windows opened slightly can reach 39 degrees within 10 minutes. After 30 minutes, the temperature will reach 49 degrees. Your pet may suffer irreversible organ damage or die.

“It’s important to remember that it’s not just the ambient temperature but also the humidity that can affect your pet,” says Dr. Barry Kellogg, VMD, of the Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association. “Animals pant to evaporate moisture from their lungs, which takes heat away from their body. If the humidity is too high, they are unable to cool themselves, and their temperature will skyrocket to dangerous levels—very quickly.”

Taking a dog’s temperature will quickly tell you if there is a serious problem. Dogs’ temperatures should not be allowed to get over 104 degrees.

Limit exercise on hot days

Take care when exercising your pet. Adjust intensity and duration of exercise in accordance with the temperature. On very hot days, limit exercise to early morning or evening hours, and be especially careful with pets with white-colored ears, who are more susceptible to skin cancer, and short-nosed pets, who typically have difficulty breathing. Asphalt gets very hot and can burn your pet’s paws, so walk your dog on the grass if possible. Always carry water with you to keep your dog from dehydrating.

For more information, please visit the Toronto Humane Society’s Website

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