Listing Your Home? Here are some lessons from Celebrity Designer Melissa Davis

When preparing to list your home you need to take a step outside and approach the process with a critical eye, checking your emotional attachments at the front door.  The first step is assembling a knowledgeable team including a highly recommended realtor with a track record in your neighborhood, and a designer/stager that understands your target market.
Your home is likely your largest asset.  Investing a small amount in preparation will not only ensure a swift sale but can increase your sale price by as much at 15%.   Remember “Vacant houses sold 85% faster after staging, and occupied homes sold 89% faster” RESA Studies.

Let’s roll up our sleeves and put money in your bank account.   Here are my top  designer tips to prepare your property and maximize your listing value.

  1. Look for visible signs of wear. Apply a fresh coat of white paint, paying mind to baseboards, doors and trim that can show dirt and scuffs.  Over time trim and cabinetry can separate and show gaps and cracks.  Run a bead of dap along trim and wipe smooth with your finger. Purchasers may wrongly mistake natural gapping as a sign of bigger issues.  Using a sharp utility knife cut out old caulking and silicone from within showers, tubs and around sink basins.  Adding a fresh bead makes it look as good as the day it was first installed.
  2. Apply purpose to areas that may confuse a buyer. In smaller kitchens consider eliminating breakfast tables and opting for a lovely bar counter with wine storage, open shelves and stools, still allowing the notion a buyer could have breakfast there while opening the space and bridging the gap between dining and kitchen.
  3. Unify and update the kitchen. A dated kitchen sends up warning flags and dollar signs to a potential purchaser.   Consider working with the existing kitchen, painting or re-laminating cabinets and adding new hardware.  Remove laminate counters and install a durable and contemporary quartz counter. Finally add a noteworthy backsplash, like a luxury marble style offering the warmth of stone with ease in maintenance of porcelain.
  4. Lighting will date stamp a property. Remove traditional and mismatched lighting and replaced them with a more transitional style.  The key is to allow a modernist or traditionalist opportunity to visualize their personal style working with these key existing elements. Head over to your local lighting store to get inspired and find wide stylish selections
  5. Stage in a style that speaks to the value of the home. Staging helps show scale and offers a cleaner more consistent look, but it must also be in a style or caliber in keeping with the home’s value.
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