How a 10-Minute DIY Mortgage Can Fund Your Honeymoon

Let’s be honest, when it comes to the big day, battling a financial migraine at the kitchen table sooner or later is as much a given as a buzzed-up family member embarrassing you with an over-eager toast at the reception. Yes, a wedding is one of the biggest expenses you’ll face in your lifetime, and if you’re as eager to grasp the momentum of your brand new life as most newlyweds, you may be also looking at another major lifetime purchase – getting started in your first home.
That’s a lot to be excited about. It’s also a lot to leave you feeling overwhelmed and wondering just what you’ve gotten yourself into.

Well, what if you could step outside traditional lending norms, roll up your sleeves, and apply a little of that bridal DIY determination to create an edge…but without the need to navigate the mortgage minefield on your own?

A growing number of clever couples are taking advantage of a new strategy that may not only lessen your financial burden but can actually put money in your pocket right now when you need it most. Perhaps enough to lessen the blow of the wedding expenses, or even pay for your entire honeymoon…

Sound interesting? White sand beaches here we come.

See, one of the dirty truths of the mortgage markets is that financial institutions have made a killing for decades on the fact that most young people don’t have the experience and confidence to haggle out the lowest rates possible. Recently, one website has stepped in to level the playing field by combining online technologies with the buying power of the crowd to put the power back in your corner.


Do your own mortgage? Yeah, sure…doesn’t sound intimidating at all, right? Sarcasm aside, is not only geared towards getting you rock bottom rates but designed to make the process as quick and painless as possible. Instead of meeting with banks and trying to negotiate broker to broker, you can “comparison shop” on your smartphone in as little as 10 minutes.

Heck, you could do that in your car outside the bank!

The website acts as a broker for you, making various lenders compete for your business. So, just like that you get access to a variety of offers, and unlike with many bank lenders, there’s no fine print or catches – your low rates last for the entire duration of the term.

We haven’t even gotten to the best part yet, though…the cash rebate. They actually PAY you to do your mortgage with them!

Yes, you read that correctly; DoYourOwnMortgage gives applicants an average cash reward of $3000-4000 to complete their 4-page mortgage application online instead of sitting down in a bank.

For newlyweds trying to refinance or in the market for a new home, this opens up an interesting opportunity to get extra cash that can go towards the wedding, a honeymoon, renovations, or home furnishings.

Not bad, right?

Ready to take on your mortgage yourself and get paid? Go see what type of rebate you’re eligible for at You can estimate the amount of your cash rebate based on term and mortgage amount before you make any commitments.

And all you have to risk is 10 minutes of your time for a chance to gain the all-expenses-paid honeymoon of your dreams…

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